The Demands continues
Femdom: Jenna
15min. 33sec.
Jenna comes over to James' loft unannounced and calls him out as a foot fetishist. She then proceeds to attempt to extort $300 from him in exchange for fulfilling his foot cravings and not having his girlfriend find out. At first James is reluctant but he easily caves in. Jenna begins to heckle James as he takes off her boots, rubbing in the fact that he had to pay for the privilege of worshipping her feet. James continues to massage her heels, her arches, her toes, kissing them individually. Jenna calls him a "sick fuck" and her "bitch". Jenna tells James to quit slobbering on her feet, calling him a "sick fuck" again right before she kicks him in the face. James continues to kiss her feet, grabbing both of them in his hands and shoving his face between her soles. Jenna looks with a grossed out look as James acts tued on and gives her feet wet sloppy kisses. Jenna tells James he's "pathetic" and "disgusts" her. Jenna continues to humiliate James and say that he's a "dog" and that she deserves more money for putting up with him, sounding just like the spoiled brat she is. James continues to try and kiss Jenna's feet as she teases him by pulling away right before he can make contact with his mouth. She calls him "pathetic" again and kicks him in the face. She continues to speak down to him telling him "no" as if he were a dog. James licks the sole of her foot, and Jenna leans down and slaps him in the face, hard. She was him not to lick her feet ever again. James obeys, but continues to kiss her feet until Jenna kicks him off of her and demands her $300. The spoiled brat counts the money he gives her and then leaves.

Inescapable Bondage

CBT And Ball Busting

Femdom Foot Fetish
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